Hi guys, Moonlight Milestones team here!

If you’re like us and find a big blank journal page stressful, look no further!

We came up with a journal with quick prompts of what to write, making it smooth sailing ⛵. Introducing the Write & Delight journal!

The prompts reflect what we think is important about life. We ain't gurus, but hopefully the life ideas in the journal and the starter pack will set you on the path you want to go ❤️.

Scroll down for the download link to your FREE JOUNRAL STARTER PACK 👇.

By the way the journal pages are available as a proper 120 page ( 4 months ) book on amazon.

You may be thinking "why buy a book if I can download it free?"
Good question! It's not necessary but if you're looking to have an easy fun experience the book will get you there faster. Makes sense right? 👍

Keep scrolling for the free bit 👇.

Finally! Thanks for bearing with us.

Here is your free journal starter pack download.

You can choose how you use this but we’d suggest printing the "A4 print" page ( set up for A4 printing ) and binding them.

Have fun and let us know how you get on 😊